Our mission is to create a community of students in the online setting to provide the opportunity to meet and mingle with other students. With weekly coding challenges, peer mentorship, guest speakers, and big projects like building mobile apps - all completely online - there are plenty of ways to get involved, and stay involved!



CodeDevils is a Fulton recognized Software Engineering club at Arizona State University and is open to all ASU students. CodeDevils isn't your traditional club, we have a focus on reaching out to students who attend ASU online. Meetings, projects, and competitions are managed and conducted virtually. To ensure inclusivity and foster interaction, we only use digital forms of communication. We welcome all ASU students regardless of how you attend, but we want to be sure everyone is aware of the club's online format.


Work on exclusive CodeDevils projects!

Projects are an opportunity for members to collaborate on coding projects. Anyone can propose an idea for a project, and a project can be anything that involves coding in some way (regardless of language or platform).


Coding competitions are hosted each semester on HackerRank.

Challenges range from easy to hard problems that may be solved using any supported programming language.

These are a great opportunity to try out problem solving in a programming language you are trying to learn or showing off your skills! At the end of the term you could win some swag!

Not all competitions have a material prize.


Be part of an amazing group of individuals who have a passion for coding.

Network with fellow students, faculty members, and guest speakers.

We even have dedicated Slack channels for SER/CSE classes!


Upcoming ASU Events

ASU Events

Upcoming CodeDevils Events

*Note some dates and times may change, and events may be added or removed, as this is a "living" calendar.

Special Events

HackerRank Competition Spring 2019

 Start Competing on HackerRank

Congrats to our top 3 for Fall 2018:

  1. jschider: 181.02
  2. dadams29: 73.33
  3. rwilban: 60.00

Current Hackathons

More Information on this year's Hackathon is coming soon.

Previous Hackathons

Demon Hacks 2017

Fifth slide

  • David Arnold
  • Kristofer Hoadley
  • Gray Olsen
  • Curtis Poe


Stephanie Miranda

Stephanie Miranda

Gabriel Martinez

Gabriel Martinez

Vice President
Hajar Boughoula

Hajar Boughoula

Ryan Wiltbank

Ryan Wiltbank

Project/Events Coordinator
Could be you!

Could be you!

Abraham Cifuentes

Abraham Cifuentes



Step 2.
Club Documentation


Now that you're registered, take a look at the CodeDevils Constitution so you are aware how the organization is run.

Afterwards, check out our welcome letter to get some information, tips, and rules as you get involved in the club.

Step 1.
Register on SunDevilSync


Officially register your membership as a CodeDevil on SunDevilSync.

SunDevilSync is Arizona State University's online student involvement system.

It connects students with student organizations and student organizations with their members and Administrative Advisors in a customizable, online campus community.

Step 3.
Introduce Yourself


After completing the previous steps, you are now an official CodeDevils member!

It's time to join a discussion with 300+ members!

Please sign up for our slack channel using your ASU e-mail and introduce yourself to the community.

We're looking forward to meeting you!


If you have questions about CodeDevils, please fill out the form below and you will receive a prompt response.
CodeDevils members, consider reaching out to an officer through Slack for a quicker means of communication.

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About CodeDevils

CodeDevils is an exclusive online format only club that aims to bring ASU online students together.

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