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CodeDevils aims to provide ASU students with an organization designed to encourage and promote involvement in coding projects and competitions through an exclusively online setting.


CodeDevils was found in 2016 as a fully-virtual student organization. We pride ourselves in giving our members the tools needed to be successful in their cirriculum and have a competitive edge in the industry after graduating.

CodeDevils isn't your traditional club; we are one of ASU's first organizations that caters to online students. We aim to further ASU's mission to maintaining the lead in innovation by successfully organizing and cultivating a rich student community existing exclusively online. Meetings, projects, guest speakers, and competitions are all organized and conducted virtually. Although we utilizes exclusively digital forms of communication to involve members and foster interaction, we do welcome all ASU students regardless of how you attend.

We offer unique opportunities for all ASU students interested in software development and tech in general. Those opportunities include exclusive workshops with industry insiders, guest speakers from big name companies and prestigious institutions, weekly HackerRank challenges, online hackathons, and the opportunity to collaborate on resume-worthy projects (as well as weekly study sessions with fun and nerdy study breaks!)

Club Calendar

Coming soon! In the next couple updates, you will be able to view all CodeDevils events, sync it with your own calendar, and receive notifications on Slack/email.


Coming soon! For future projects, CodeDevils will give the option to host your website on a virtual private server for free. Other options also include access to the email backend, database storage, and much more!

Project Based

Coming soon! In the next update, you will be able to view all open projects, join and collaborate on them, and even submit one of your own.


A centralized page for all members to join projects, collaborate for course work, and see all the exciting activity at CodeDevils.

CodeDevils Leadership

The driving force behind everything CodeDevils

Brendan Tomlinson


“Bono Vince Malum” : Do good in the world.

Rhett Harrison

Vice President

Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability. - John Wooden

Elijah Bean

Projects and Events Coordinator

Our Meetings are held online

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Sponsored Projects

CodeDevils sponsors projects developed by club members by providing assistance and insight.
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